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Friday, May 9, 2008

Taylor Hicks - A Look Back To Season 5 Top 3 Homecoming

As we await the snooze fest this week on American Idol - the top 3 homecoming week, let us go back in time when things on the show were genuinely thrilling - back two years ago when Taylor, Katharine and Elliott slugged it out for the win. Ah, the good 'ol days when the competition was exciting!!!

Here's a portion of Taylor's homecoming at the Galleria Shopping Mall in Hoover, Alabama where fans greeted their hero! Coming down that elevator to a sea of admirers, can you just imagine what was going through his head after 10 years of struggle to get himself and his music heard? They had over 12,000 people in attendance that day for the hometown boy!

That week on the show, Taylor blew the competition away with the following 3 songs. Yes, America, you sure did get it RIGHT by picking Taylor Hicks as your winner of Season 5 - the most enjoyable entertainer the show has ever produced.

Dancing In The Dark - Clive Davis Choice (I can see the disgust in Taylor's eye when listening to this old geezer telling him how to put emotion into the song. Good Grief!)

You Are So Beautiful - Judges Choice (Randy Jackson)

Try A Little Tenderness (Taylor's Personal Choice)


Anonymous said...

OMG - what a huge, huge difference between Season 5's Top 3 and this year (booorrring!). Everyone I talk to (Taylor fan or not) just doesn't have the same enthusiasm about AI since Season 5. I definitely think this show is on the skids.

Anonymous said...

Thanks griz for bringing season #5 back !
Really enjoying watching all this again .
This is the best season ever they will never get this again.

Anonymous said...

What a great trip down memory lane! Elliott was my favorite (still is, even two years later), but Taylor was certainly a worthy winner; he's a great artist, and the Soul Patrol has much to be proud of! American Idol has never matched the magic of season 5 since then, and to be honest, I'm not sure if it'll ever reach those heights again.

Anonymous said...

I sure do miss season 5 and seeing Taylor every week singing his heart out! They had alot of good people that year,but Taylor stole the show with his talent,charisma and passion for music.


Anonymous said...

Heard that Archeletta's dad was banned from rehearsals - seems he has been a pain in the A$$ for AI.

And they thought Taylor was a pain.......bwahahahaha Now they have godzilla dad. And may I say anything that is a pain for AI, I'm for it!

Yes, Season 5 was filled with "real" talent IMO. S5 per-formers had a clue about classic music of the past. (i.e. Neil Diamond week this year - none knew the first thing about ND) And then the song choices S7 performers made during Hall of Fame week this year - uh, what were they thinking?

Trixi said...

I agree they haven't even come close to matching the talent on season 5. But..I do like David Cook this year. He is my hometown fav, and I like his music. KC & Blue Springs gave him a great homecoming last Friday. I got to see him at the Royals game, throw out the first pitch and sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame. He really reminds me of Taylor. He has the older women liking him, but he does have the younger one's also. When he's critisized by Simon he smiles and nods kind of like Taylor. He's always polite etc. I haven't voted like I did for Taylor, David only gets 2-5 a week. Taylor got 200 a week!

Anonymous said...

It's so incredible to see how fun Season Five was. It was so exciting, and Hicks Mania was everywhere. Whether AI wants to admit it or not, Taylor was the reason for that, because He is and was the true Entertainer on stage. No other like him anywhere.
Taylor Hicks Day is coming up. Yea!! Whomp at the Warfield was recorded on this day too!