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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Taylor Hicks - Among the Best Dressed at Kentucky Derby!

According to Young Lifestyles, our Soulman Taylor was one of the best dressed the Kentucky Derby yesterday! Well, duh, of COURSE he was! Didn't need a blogger to tell me that! hahaha!! The blurb reads:

"Taylor Hicks attends the 134th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, We are waiting for the former American Idol to grace the stage this season and put out a new album..."

(Thanks to TaysHarmonica and Cam16 for finding the top three pictures.)

(Thanks MK for finding this one! OMG!)

And more pictures...


juliegr said...

Yep -- he sure is some good looking guy!

Thanks for the show, griz!

Anonymous said...

I need a cigarette..

Anonymous said...

I need a cigarette to - and I don't smoke.

I think I'll go take a cold shower.