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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Taylor Hicks Shows Us How To Sing a Billy Joel Tune

Funny how juxtapositions work sometimes. Just 3 days ago I layed my eyes on some videos from the Hannah Home Charity Concert, which starred Taylor Hicks in a rare acoustic moment (helped ably by horn extraordinaire Jeff Lopez and keyboard aficionado Brian less). He played about 8 or 9 songs that night, but the one that made me catch by breath - literally - was a Billy Joel tune called "NY State of Mind". Let me tell you people, I haven't seen singing like this in many many years. I'm not talking about hitting the right notes, I'm talking about emoting and laying down the emotion to a song. They're synonymous with Taylor's name and totally absent from anything playing on Top 40 radio. And I mean that.

Then I watched last night's American Idol. David Archuleta attempted to catch the essence of the lyric of another Billy Joel song called "And So It Goes". Yes, he hit all the right notes alright, but the rendition left me completely sterile.

When will American Idol realize what a GEMSTONE they had in Taylor whom they let slip through their dirty fingers?

During the chit-chat between songs, Taylor left us with the following 'tease' about the upcoming album! I get all tingly just thinking about how *great* this album will be. Hurry up, Mr. Hicks, the world is waiting to be woken up!

...."I have had the great opportunity to write with some of the best songwriters in the world the last few months. I learned alot about myself as far a a songwriter. I didn't have really have much time to get creative on the last album. This is going to be some of the best music I've ever written in my whole life. All the clubs and bars, you know all the trials and tribulations of just going thru all that and something to be able to express myself in a big way. So an album is coming out soon so hopefully you guys will check it out." ...


New York State of Mind from Lh1100 on Vimeo.


On and On from Lh1100 on Vimeo.


Moondance from Lh1100 on Vimeo.


Stephanie said...

Poor little David hasn't lived long enough to understand how to connect to the song. He's just not anywhere near the artist Taylor is. Maybe in 10-15 years he will be able to feel the songs he is singing and not just going singing the notes.

AI isn't about finding artists though. They are only about finding cash cows. I read they are lowering the age to 14. They might as well admit that they are going after the Disney demographic.

Trixi said...

I loved Taylor's New York State of Mind and On and On. I wasn't too crazy about the Moondance. Maybe I'll have to give it another listen. Taylor would be a great mentor on the show...someday maybe AI will figure out what a giant mistake they made dissing Taylor. The only thing I would say to AI is thanks for bringing me Taylor!!(Well maybe a few other things)

God these videos are only making me want more LIVE Taylor. Boy is he a smart man. Just get enough new stuff out there to keep them wanting more.....

Poor David A. Not only was the Billy Joel sub-par..did you hear him singing about his Boo? How totally out of his comfort zone was that. The only thing I could think of during his Chris Brown song was...White and Nerdy!!!

I guess some people just have the X factor (Taylor) and some don't

WOO said...

CHEERS SoulThing! for putting NYSM on your playlist! My wish has been granted and I will play it often. I like to end my day with something positive which is usually something Taylor.