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Friday, May 16, 2008

Taylor Hicks: I'm Bringing the Soul Patrol to Broadway

Taylor Hicks is following in the footsteps of Fantasia and Clay Aiken: The American Idol winner will make his Broadway debut June 6.

Hicks tells PEOPLE he can't wait to perform in Grease. "I'm truly honored to have a role in such an American institution," says Hicks, who made the announcement Friday on the Today show. "I'm going to Broadway shows and just watching and learning."

While in New York City, the Alabama native will also record his country-influenced second album.

"I've been spending a lot of time with songwriters in Nashville," Hicks tells PEOPLE. "I can really breathe creatively without the constraints of a post-Idol album."

He also plans to tackle some serious issues. "It's an election year so there will be some political undertones. I've become a sponge while creating each song, soaking up what's going on whether it's political or about love."

Since he was recently dropped from his record label, he's considering releasing the upcoming album himself. "It's motivation," says Hicks. "This is a marathon for me, not a sprint.

But he'll make time for some N.Y.C. fun as well. "I need to go to the Statue of Liberty for the first time," he says, adding that he knows one way he'll try to fit in with the natives.

Says Hicks: "I'll have to figure out what fan I should be, Yankees or Mets!"


Here's Taylor's Interview on the Today Show:


Anonymous said...

"Country-influenced second album with some political overtones?"

I can't wait to hear this CD! Taylor never ceases to amaze and surprise.


juliegr said...

Taylor did a good job on this interview with Hoda and Kathie Lee considering they only gave him such a short window. He, of course, looked devine! Thanks soulthing. Good job getting the clip so quickly.

That new album DOES soung intriguing. Can't wait to hear some demos/clips.

Lubiana said...

Can't wait to see how he performs in Grease- he's gonna blow everyone away! I hope he gets to dance a bit too.

Anonymous said...

Blondebabe says:

Hey Griz! Thanks for posting this. So fabulous! Don't understand why anyone would want to have reservations about Taylor's comments...gee...*sigh* As I said over on Chill's blog... Who wants to rain on his parade?