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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

American Idol is Rigged - Thank You Paula!

What a strange night for American Idol, huh?? I had a BIG smile on my face watching Paula destroy the show single handedly! Bwawwaawawawa! Either she was shit face and stoned out of her mind or she's an oracle who can see the future before it happens. What was the deal on her commenting (er, reading note cards) on Jason Castro's second song before the fuck he ever sang it? At least let him sing before you castrate the poor boy. Yes, he sucked huge balls tonight, but man, I couldn't help but LOVE the way the show is crumbling before my own eyes. The wheels on the karma bus go round and round :) First Clive get's kicked in the groin, now Paula has Nigel pissing in his morning coffee! Again, I suspect Taylor Hicks is celebrating somewhere! Life is goooood!

Check this out:

Also let me take this opportunity to put up a video of my all time favorite group - Da Monkees (where is Micky Dolenz when you need him?) showing us how exactly how to sing their #1 hit of 1967 (and their biggest song evah - I'm A Believer) - and Brooke I'm talking to YOU! I can't help but think how a certain Season 5 Idol Winner would have knocked this song out of the stratosphere if he was on the stage tonight (where is Taylor Hicks when you need him?).

This is Brooke destroying this classic:


juliegr said...

There's an easy explanation for Paula's comments Griz. She's got a time machine and is totally able to flip a switch and know the answers! hahahahaha

That was beautiful ~~ and Simon rolled his eyes so hard you could hear them banging against the back of his head. Thanks for the clips.


Trixi said...

Brooke totally destroyed that song. If that bi@@h ain't gone tonight, she must be hooking up with Simon under the table.

I couldn't believe Paula...WTF?.. maybe the evening being put on such a rush schedule, totally confused her. Her brain can't think that fast?

Did you see that AI has put out a poll or whatever you want to call it about what changes need to be made to the show? They must know the iceberg is in sight.

Griz, I like your saying about the karma wheels....hey I usually don't wish bad things on people but....

cochem said...

Another thing on Paula and the notes pre-written..Did you notice how she is always up dancing when the contestants sing?...How on earth would she be able to "write all those notes"?

Anonymous said...

I almost peed my pants laughing at your commentary on Paula and Idol!
Way to go!
Sherry (beaglemom06)

Anonymous said...

I don't know if karma is the culprit as much as poor decisions made by TPTB. Such as, picking the blandest bunch of contestants ever to grace a season of this show. Continuing to employ a judge who is rarely lucid is asking for what happened last night. But their biggest mistake was admonishing the American public for not picking TCO.

Here is America's message to AI


WOO said...

Griz, I read your blog to my dh and he L'dOL along with me! Keep it up!

Taylor could be the only performer on that show and ratings would go through the roof! He would have totally owned I'm a Believer--because he is! (And I do not watch this show)

Anonymous said...

Paula probably was shit faced and/or stoned - who in their right sober mind would blow it this bad?

Hee hee. I love it!

And Griz you are hysterical! You nailed it baby!


mk said...

Nigel's hand was in a cast tonight ... I wonder if he put his hand through a wall last night!

Anonymous said...

Blondebabe says:

Griz...there is an article called, "Former American Idol Host Suggests Show Be Fixed"...of course, remember when AI started out with TWO hosts? Yep, Ryan had a comrad...looks as though they butted heads...his name is Brian Dunkleman...Co/Host...anyway, the article came out in the RealityTV magazine online...if you want to catch up on his comments...which are pretty harsh...especially when he brings up the Clay votes.

I have loved the Karma and conspiracy words for a long time...freedom of speech with common sense that something is going on...and gonna happen. Lately, I have been threatened directly and indirectly...for using those terms. So much for a free society and normal people.