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Thursday, April 24, 2008


Mucho thanks to Stephk817 at the Boogie Board for his beautiful poster!

Randy's 6th week CD sales totals: 1,400 (down from 1,500 last week) for a GRAND total of 27,000 in the U.S. per Soundscan.

Just for reference, Taylor's CD, er, Clive's CD, sold 701,000 in the U.S. per Soundscan.


Anonymous said...

Now that is really happy news! Thank you--I didn't have any idea. What's your excuse for the poor sales, Randy? I thought you knew everything?

Anonymous said...

It must be tough to be a legend in your own mind Randy.

Lesson learned - be humble! What goes around - ALWAYS comes around DAWG!

WOO said...

I guess he was too busy working on Mariah and Madonna's new albums... Funniest thing about the cover are the words volume one in the lower right corner!

I have never cared for his schtick on AI. His English is atrocious and sets a very poor example for kids to see an "authority figure" speaking and acting like a teenage rap artist.

He also talked out of both sides of his mouth. I deplored the way he turned on Taylor after supporting him early on. I surely hope he has nothing to do with Taylor's new CD.

Trixi said...

I also noticed the volume one. Oh God let's hope there aren't anymore

Although with the sales numbers...maybe his label should DROP him fast...

Even with all the pimping they did for the cd on AI, it still didn't help sales...what's that tell ya Randy? It sucks Dawg!!

skeeter226 said...

love it, love it, L O V E I T~~!

Thanks for these updates Griz, really makes my day!

Candy :-)

juliegr said...

Awwwww, poor Randy. :(

OK, what is the explanation for this -- after all the pimping on the most successful TV show in history, I don't understand why so few copies have sold. bwahahahahaha

Yes, Karma IS a bitch!