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Filmed at The Workplay Theater in Birmingham, AL 9-26-09 with Ona Watson.
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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Taylor Hicks: 'Platinum Recording Artist' Sings the National Anthem at Talladega - Watch It Here!

Beautifully done, Taylor!

Credit HarpandSoul for these beautiful video captures!


WOO said...

Gorgeous. Loved the intro and segway out. Alabama's own. Platinum recording artist. Tough song to "soul" up but loved Taylor's rendition.

Have to laugh at the chiron AI Winner Season 5...wonder if that drives "them (TPTB)" nuts!! Hope so!

soulthing said...

I hope so too woo! And how about that quote from Taylor to Simon about 'dropping him on the infield and seeing what happens"? Taylor needs to spend more time "talking" about AI, Simon and Nigel if you ask me ;)

Trixi said...

They never put the camera on him enough. I want to hear and SEE him!

He was awesome as usual. That was just enough to make us want more of him.

Anonymous said...

This is definitely the best rendition of the National Anthem by Taylor yet. The more I listen to it, the better it gets.

This is one talented, charismatic, what-you-see-is-what-you-get, down to earth, REAL MAN that has ever come out of AI. Sorry, but before and after Taylor - no one has even come CLOSE to his unique voice, talent and style.

(Although on another "Taylor board" they seem to be singing the praise of one particular contestant this year - who is far less talented and with a very limited vocal range.) It seems they are posting more about this guy and less about Taylor - and this is from the largest Taylor fansite. IMO they have a big hand in keeping this guy alive this far in the contest.

WTF is that???

Anonymous said...

To the above poster, Amen! Used to love that site...rarely visit anymore. I know that I'm not the only one now who thinks this!

Thanks Soul Thing for this blog. You are what you say you are, a Taylor fansite.

BTW, looks like this "rest" has helped Taylor's voice. He sounded so strong. Of course, he hasn't rested it for two long years so I know it was overdue.