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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We've Been Good Fans!

So it's been a bit quiet in the Hicks camp since his gig on the Finebaum radio show a few weeks ago. We got an earful of information about cool upcoming goodies, such as the collection of older material which he called "Early Works". He said that would be out in a 'few months'. Oh boy! Then he tickles us with a string of concert dates he's trying to set up for August! Yes!!! Then, he says he has all the songs demo'd for his new CD and would in the studio in the 'next month or so' to record them. He also said he was getting a good response from certain labels and producers he's been 'shopping for' and he's hoping for a September release for the new album. Things are looking up, eh!? And last but not least, he said the DVD will be out "soon" after he clears something or other, I dunno.

Okay, then, I've got a few new questions about all that. Shouldn't there be some news about this new "label" if he's in the studio already recording? There must be a producer by now, eh? It would be great if there was some public revelation about this and get the troops excited, eh? Instead, we have silence. I swear I get up every morning hoping that today is the day big news about this will break and every morning I am mildly disappointed. Ho Hum.

HDTV will be reruning his DVD "Whomp at the Warfield" 3x in the next few weeks, but absolutely nothing from the main camp about a concrete release date. It's been almost a year since they filmed the concert (and an awesome concert it was in San Francisco). I really think it deserves to be released from its cage already. The fans are getting really really really restless and antsy.

We've been good little fans since the end of the 2007 tour, I think. We've been playing nicely (well, most of us, anyway) and keeping ourselves busy while you've been writing with those awesome collaborators and visiting with the muses, but Taylor my man, there's just so much a superfan like myself can occupy herself with while waiting for the big CD reveal! Throw us peons a bone here and make us happy Soul Patrollers!

It's sad when the biggest event coming up is seeing your mug on the American Idol stamps. Not that it's not a cool thing, but man, I need to hear your soulful voice again, dude! Have pity on us ;)


Anonymous said...

I just have the feeling there was some major glitch that Taylor didn't know about last summer with the release of the DVD. I believe he indicated that it would be released around the end of 2007. Wonder what happened?

Yes, we have been good little fans. Let's hang in there and give him time to do his thang! on this new cd.

Taylor, don't tell us anything (label, producer, etc) until it is in stone - not like the DVD release. Bwhahahaha!

Trixi said...

To quote Tom Petty " The waiting is the hardest part"

I agree with the person above me. I would rather have no news, then some half ass news that probably won't be accurate anyway.

As far as August dates... I noticed that Billy Bob Thorton is coming to a blues bar in KC in August. I'm planning on going to check out his band. Wouldn't that be cool if he has "surprise" guest..as in Taylor...well I guess a woman can dream!!

WOO said...

Amen, Griz and pass the plate!

Pamela said...

My guess is that there will be a "premium package" with the DVD and CDs sold together next fall to make it more of a gift item than just the new CD alone. I'm sure Taylor wanted to release the DVD before last Christmas but... well... contracts and marketing through Clive got in the way.

Anonymous said...

It is hard waiting for news. I wish Taylor had a publicist, or at least that he would keep us better informed through his Myspace.