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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Taylor Hicks And His Plans For 2008!

Taylor gave his fans a pleasant surprise today when he made an unexpected appearance as the 'mystery sidekick' on the Paul Finebaum Show in Birmingham, AL. Paul was out with emergency surgery so Taylor helped fill in for him by answering questions from viewers for about 90 minutes. He was in great spirits and looked great! He talked on a variety of subjects - everything from his golf game to the new CD to his allergies.

Here's my summary of the show:

- Will be playing on a cruise to Italy in late May and possibly be doing some small festivals while there.
- His golf game is improving - now at about a 10 or 11 handicap.
- His NBA Allstar Appearance - he thought it would just a lighthearted event playing with the scorekeepers; instead he had Deon Sanders yelling at the top of his lungs. :)
- He has been able to watch Idol more this year and likes "the Irish girl", Carly.
- He might make an appearance at the Soul Patrol Convention in May but no committment.
- The DVD is a done deal and will be out soon (no specific date given).
- Tour in August (not sure with whom yet).
- Would consider doing a Gospel album at one point in the future (like Elvis), but would need to get more educated in that type of genre.
- New album will be out in September. The direction of the CD has taken a 360 degree turn from the character he thought it would take when he started. He did make it sound like the songs are all written. They (the songs) will dictate how much 'production' is on each song (in answer to whether the album will be acoustic or not). He's not sure yet whether it will be released on an indie or major label but there is definitely interest out there for his 'brand'. As far as a producer, he's going to team up with somebody who he feels will give him a great opportuity to be able to have control over the creative side, but he can't say just yet who it is. He was vague about who the producer will be (him or someone else).
- Biggest difference between making the Clive record and this new one is the time he has to just "write".
- He has an I-Touch with all of his new demos on it that he listens to to get familiar with all the nuances of it, so when it comes time to record he'll be ready to go.
- In addition to this new album, he will have another album out called "Early Works" of all his older songs. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???? GAH!!! These songs will be put together in a brand new CD package. No word on whether any unreleased tracks will make it onto the CD. This should be out in the next few months.
- A caller said Ace Young said hello to him and that he 'thinks the world of Taylor'.
- Taylor has talked to Elliott Yamin in the past 2 days about Elliott's mom's passing and that he's doing okay. Elliott has a good support and family around him and he'll pull through fine.

Here is the interview:

Part 1:

Part 2:


cochem said...

Thanks griz...Loved listening, seeing and talking to Taylor today...I just can't wait for the summer...so much is gonna be happening....The "Early Works" album sounds intriguing...It will probably mesh IYT and UTR together but I hope there is some other goodies we have never heard before..I wonder if those songs (ie Somehow or Fall) will be re-done....The new album with all originals on sounds very interesting...I think this album may blow those critics out of the water with what I imagine to be completely different than the TH one...did I say I can't wait?...Come on September...Lot's of great stuff coming from the Soul Man...

Anonymous said...

This just makes the wait for his cd even more torturous! Gah! He's a little vague about what the album will sound like but seems excited about how the songs are evolving. I'm not going to say it because I would be wishing my life away!!!! heck, yes I am going to say it.....hurry September!!!!!!!

Trixi said...

Whew, now I know how much time I have to save money for the next tour, cd. He sounds like he has been a very busy man. Wooooo 2 new cd's, a dvd , I can't wait!!

He's going int'l again. Lucky Italians.

juliegr said...

Wasn't that a glorious Spring day?! Nice weather (at least in VA), flowers in bloom (at least in VA), Taylor LIVE on my PC; and I GOT TO TALK TO HIM!!


Lori said...

Please, please Taylor don't sing on a cruise ship!!! The media will have a field day with this and I really can't take much more of them putting you down! You are WAAAAAY to good and FAMOUS to be doing something like that

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Taylor Hicks Though you were supposed to go on tour in August> I can't wait.