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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Taylor Hicks - One of Idol's Biggest Transformations

One of Idol's biggest transformations? So says this blog. I dunno, I think was adorably cute before and drop dead gorgeous now. I say win-win on both counts, eh? Sigh... I just like to stare at him. How about you? (Click on image for a larger view!) Ya baby!


Trixi said...

He went from cute... to handsome!!
Nice eye candy for Wed morning.

Did anyone see the AI judges on Larry King Monday night? Paula was her usual drooling idiot. Can she say more than one or two words without stammering? Slimon had his usual bad thing to say about Taylor. Larry asked if the right person won every year. Randy, Paula and Ryan said yes. Of course Slimon said no. Guess who?
Randy questioned him that if the wrong one won, who was runner up? Simon couldn't remember? WTF? If someone was sooooo much better and should have won....why couldn't he remember who? He's and idiot.

skeeter226 said...

Taylor ALWAYS looked gorgeous in my eyes from DAY ONE, but ummmmmmm...that second photo, especially with that great tan going on, is HAWT!

He really groomed himself up that day! haaaaaaaa..I "think" his wild eyebrows even looked waxed! Gotta love that boy.

He looks INCREDIBLE all spruced up, but I like my Taylor STRAIGHT UP.....VERY "SWEATY", Messy, outta control hair, stubble, jeans with holes (HOB) and the fade spot from his harp, and some ratty old t-shirt with stains on it, that probably says "GOT SOUL?", or "RAY CHARLES" blazened across his fabulous chest!

WHEW~ That felt good!

Thanks for posting this griz.....and that "site" was pretty funny with some of their comments.....CLAY!!!!!!!!! haaaaaaaa.. that was kinda "unfair" because he is doing that show........but FUNNY..

Candy :-)

Anonymous said...

Taylor is drop-dead gorgeous (cute before, but totally handsome after)- and better yet - he's not full of himself.

Simon is totally jealous of Taylor's talent, looks, youth and charisma (and the fact that Taylor didn't kiss his ass or anyone else's during his stint on AI). It seems like the only time Simon is happy is when he's caressing his own boobs.

BTW, the before and after of Clay is just plain scary!