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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Taylor Hicks on a US Postage Stamp!

"American Idol" will have its own limited-edition collectable stamps featuring Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, TAYLOR HICKS, Jordin Sparks and the soon-to-be named winner of season seven.

On last night's "Idol Gives Back," host RYAN SEACREST announced that "American Idol" winners will be featured on postage stamps with the net proceeds from the sales of the stamps, created by created by PhotoStamps.com, donated to "Idol Gives Back."

Only 104,000 -- 2000 sheets for each of the 50 states in the U.S. -- will be issued weekly. This week, the stamp featuring Kelly Clarkson is available at americanidol.com or PhotoStamps.com.

Then each Tuesday for the next six weeks, a different "American Idol" will be featured. The stamps are real, first-class postage (42 cents) -- and each sheet of 20 stamps will sell for $19.99.

Okay call me skeptical until I actually SEE Taylor's handsome mug on a US Stamp, but the thought of that makes me giddy! On the other hand, I'm thinking the American Idol pigs would do something underhanded like putting a decapitated picture of him on the stamp like they did on the show's opening credits this year. Nah.... Hmm. I wouldn't put anything past those American Idol slimebags.

Funny they will diss Taylor until they are blue in the face, that's until they need his picture for something. Right, Nigel - it's all for altruistic purposes. Uh huh.

And oh yea, before I forget, you want to know the ratings for this years Idol Gives Back special? It was the LOWEST rating for an "Idol" telecast since the 2005 "American Idol's Worst Auditions" special - 17.6 million viewers and a 6.7 rating and 18 share. That's down from 26 million last season. And pledges were 60 million down from 76 million last season. Yes, that omnipresent karma wheel marches on. :) Yes indeed!


kathy624 said...

These are NOT U.S. Postal Service-issued stamps. A person must be dead five years before he/she can be on a stamp issued by the U.S.P.S. Anyone can have a photo put on a photo stamp. It could be yourself, your child, your spouse, your pet, etc. This company is putting together some nice photos of Idol winners and making an interesting souvenir. You will notice each stamps costs $1.00. That's a lot for a 41-cent postage stamp! Although they are valid postage, they will probably become collector's items. I hope the company is giving a sizable amount to Idol Gives Back.

WOO said...

Those ratings are also in a very low competitive TV market due to the writers strike. Me thinks more peeps are tired of the same old from these Brits.

I will buy Taylor's photo stamps. Unfortunately, I think the red banner has AI on it...UGH!

ST I was wonderin' if it is possible to cut the judges voices from the audition audio. It is such a gorgeous vocal and to hear those fools jammering is a real buzzkill for me. It was the moment I fell for the voice and Taylor,too.

Anonymous said...

The Season 5 stamp will probably have a bald guy on it.

Didn't you know? American got it wrong according to Nigel. (jerk!)

Don't be surprised if Taylor isn't screwed again. AI hierarchy can't get over that Taylor won over ther chosen one. Makes me want to barf!

soulthing said...

kathy - The first-class mail stamps are not U.S. Postal Service commemoratives, which are approved after a process that includes public nominations - individuals must be deceased - and evaluation by the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee.

But they are approved mailing stamps and can be used on any letter or package.

Trixi said...

If the stamp has Taylor on it..I wonder if they are self adhesive or if we get to LICK it? Just a thought :)

juliegr said...

When oh when will AI stop! Next thing you know there will be a AI deoderant. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Blondebabe says....(sorry my google not working)

Trixi...you crack me up!

Well, They just keep on trying to score some money from Taylor...although, he couldn't possibly sell stamps if he does not sell CDs, right? WRONG! They know that he sells...he was the best and that they will make a ton off of him. Assholes!

I doubt I will buy even ONE. I know that whenever the words...
"proceeds" is used...it is VAGUE and it disturbs me as to What that amount is. No matter what the charity...they can cover all these so called costs with inflated advertising and marketing...which will ultimately go right back into their pockets. Gee...bet Clive will have to have a $1000 dinner...oh...just take it out of the gross sales and call it an expense. Please! When is it gonna stop? Never, people. Taylor probably won't make a DIME. I think they owe it to us to tell us the gross percentage that the American Idol will get from selling their OWN stamp. True and accurate figures...just please...NO proceeds stuff, just makes me feel sick to my stomach.

Anonymous said...

Blondebabe says:

Shoot! Meant to say...Thanks Griz...the videos are excellent. Also, thanks for having this blog. You and a few others have caused those of us that truly appreciate Taylor to have a place to come and share our feelings, opinions and thoughts without being hammered. THANKYOU

soulthing said...

Your welcome BB! This is an open forum to air frustrations and anything else that comes to mind ;) No censorship here. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Listen...I have a question. What would you all think if a moderator pm'd you and told you that you need to forget about your feelings about AI and praise the stamp with the contestants photo on it. Just move on...get past it all. All you would have said was something similar to the fact that you feel the way most on the posters on this blog feel. That Taylor is being used by AI OR that you feel that you just don't like the idea. Yet, on the very board that this mod resides, you can diss Taylor's CD, his voice, his sales record, other members and etc...IF you are in the incrowd. What say you?


Anonymous said...

Looks like more people just got banned from the above referenced website. I would think they need to ban their own mods that write porn rather than banning positive fans of Taylor Hicks. Once a bad reputation-always a bad reputation. Who needs um? Taylor sure doesn't! I actually feel sorry for Taylor.

Anonymous said...

I think I know the board you are referring to and yes, it never ceases to amaze me how you can criticize Taylor badly, even fiercely but heaven help you if you say anything against Little D or AI. It's a Taylor fansite for heaven's sake! Why are they fans of everyone but Taylor!???? And if someone does speak up about them criticizing Taylor so much, the "in crowd" will come to the defense of that poster citing what good fans they are of Taylor. Ha! The Mods there are biased and only allow free speech for other Idols and not Taylor. Just my two cents. I rarely go there anymore. Thanks SoulThing for this forum.