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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Taylor Hicks - Back on American Idol?

According to the Rick Karle Blog, we might see Taylor on American Idol before the year is out. I'm not sure to be happy about that or not, considering the horrific treatment he's been given over the past 2 years. I guess it's good if we're talking about the huge national exposure it affords its guests. It's also a good vehicle to get back in the consciousness of those fans who wonder what happened to him. On the other hand, it's bad if your in the camp that thinks Taylor needs to cut all ties with the show in order to gain the respect of his musical peers and discerning music fans. Being a #1 class act, if invited, Taylor would appear for the benefit of his fans and those who voted for him - not necessarily because he needs them, which he doesn't. He is doing just fine and dandy without them.

If in fact he DOES appear, I hope he kicks Randy in the balls and knocks Simon's eyeballs out with some kickass performance and song! I hope he gets his '07 tour band up there with him and backup singer Melanie on the stage (remember she tried out and made it to the Top 50 on this years American Idol?). That would be interesting, eh? Stay tuned for updates!

Here is what the blog says, in part:

RickKarle's Blog
by RickKarle from WBRC, FOX6

Personal Reflectons On Talladega Race Day
Apr 28, 2008 5:04 PM
Category: Sports

A good Monday to you! After spending about 16 hours at the Talladega Superspeedway to watch the Aaron's 499, my mind is racing like a Cup car without a restrictor plate. Some insight and a few thoughts from a guy who was in the trenches:

Two words were music to my ears: No rain! We dodged the preverbal bullet, although about an hour after Kyle Busch took the checkerd flag, the skies opened and pelted our Fox6 crew with all sorts of water. With 5 edit machines, live trucks, cameras, microphones and valuable equipment, our folks did a great job keeping everything dry and working. By the time our 9:30 pm post-race show hit air, I thought we did a nice job pulling it off... Fox race analyst Krista Voda joined us for our earlier post-race show. Krista hails from the great state of Iowa. Ever wonder where these network pit reporters come from? Bet you never thought of Iowa... Dale Earnhardt, Jr told us after the race that while he finished 10th, he thought he had a strong car that deserved better. Junior hinted that he had the strongest car in the field, and he sees no reason why the 88-car can't finish in the top 10 each and every race... Following his crash with 15 laps remaining, Tony Stewart met the media, where he was calm, collected and courteous to reporters. What's with that?... Jeff Gordon told Mike Dubberly following the race, "I have no comment on what I think of this kind of racing". This from a guy who owns 6 Cup wins at 'Dega and won both races last year... I know that Junior likes to bump draft, but did you see him go after Paul Menard? Junior bump-drafted him around the entire Superspeedway!... Good to see a tanned and relaxed Taylor Hicks before the race. Taylor tells me he is heading west for an "American Idol" commitment, afterwhich he will return to the Birmingham area to play a pro-am at the Regions Charity Classic...


Anonymous said...

Blondebabe says:

An AI commitment does not necessarily mean that he would be on AI...IMO. He did the Asian Idol and there may be something else left in his parting contract that he agreed to do. Also, he was in on the AI charity...remember? So, I am not gonna jump to the most outrageous decision that he will actually be on or perform on AI unless they pay him a hell of alot of money...that would be good. Their ratings would shoot thru the roof. Anway, we will just have to wait...and see...after all, he just slammed Simon...hee hee!

Trixi said...

Well their ratings have been dropping drastically. What better way to try and bring them up? I would love to see him, but.. they don't really deserve to have him on the show.

This is interesting..very interesting

Anonymous said...

Hi! Love your blog. I had heard a tiny rumor that Taylor might be on AI before the year was up. Think I'll believe it when I see it. IMO, I think its a good thing, I think all of Taylor musical peers understand that you don't pass up a chance at national tv exposure in front of millions. I would think most of them would not pass it up and wouldn't epxect him to. I think AI could have used Taylor to become a better show, but instead they chose to go in a different direction. I hope it is true and I know they will have the biggest ratings they have had all year. That will make me laugh.
I am going to post this anonymous because I have forgot my google password but it is karoray.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be a good thing for Taylor. I have read about Jordin Sparks having serious problems with her vocal cords. Perhaps he will be on the finale if Jordin can't sing. Television is a powerful medium and it would be wonderful exposure for Taylor to be back on the show. Yes, they have treated him like crap, but it would be to Taylor's advantage not Idol's. Taylor would remind America just what the show has been missing for the past 2 years!


Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to see Taylor on AI again because it's good exposure for him and because I miss seeing him. This isn't to say that I have any more respect for AI or the way they operate than I did before. I'll just take the good with the bad if he acutally is on the show.


Anonymous said...

I know that AI has disrespected Taylor in many ways. I wouldn't blame him if he turned down their invitation and I won't blame him if he accepts. THAT'S HIS CHOICE.

But if you think about it, AI has certainly disrespected the viewers that voted for him as well. Don't tell people to vote for their favorite and then if it's not their crown prince, then say America Got It Wrong.

So I haven't watched last year nor this year. But if Taylor appears, I will watch. THAT'S MY CHOICE.

WOO said...

I will stop my watching embargo-(does that make sense?lol)to watch Taylor. If it is good enough for most of these older musicians why not for him? It's just good business.

It would be interesting if he was the guest artist and they performed his originals and he coached them. Wouldn't that be fun to watch!Perhaps then he will launch his DVD and talk about his new CD.I would love to see him and the tour band together.

I just smile when I think of him telling himself not to get too crazy when he goes out on stage:)

Julie said...

I had to laugh when I read that Taylor would tell himself "not to get too crazy" when he went on stage.

Isn't that a little like telling Simon Cowell not to roll his eyes? hahaha

Anonymous said...

This next week is when his American Idol U.S. Stamp will be released. Maybe he is taping something for that. I think it will be a huge fund raiser for Idol Gives Back. I thought he was at the Kentucky Derby this weekend at the Friday Night Gala, and as a celebrity guest at the race. Maybe he is taping a segment in case Jordin can't sing at the Finale. I think he said he was going to Italy at the end of May when the Idol Finale is scheduled.