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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Taylor Hick's Originals - "Limin" & "Hello Lonely"

"Limin", an original song by Taylor Hicks was requested by one of our readers and since it's such an obscure song, I thought I'd give you the only audio I have of it. It has a definitive calypso beat running through it! It's from The Open Door Cafe in Birmingham, AL 2-27-04. (I know I mispelled it on the poll to the right, but I can't change it now so we'll have to live with it). Enjoy!

ETA: We have another request for one of Taylor's obsure originals - "Hello Lonely", which I added below. It was recorded at Smith's Bar in Atlanta, GA in 2005. I love the lyrics to this song and I think it has a lot of possibilities with the right production.


Hello Lonely


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a fun song. I would love to see Taylor perform this live in concert.

Griz I love your live version of Give Me Tonight. Thanks for all the awesome Taylor tunes - you keep things fresh here. I come here daily to read and listen.


WOO said...

Griz- You are always on top of everything! I'm sure Jewell and others will be thrilled to hear this one. I did not know how to send it to you.

Also I have a few pics of Toby Lightman after Westbury IF they end up doing a duet at Talledega...I'm not as sharp as you are with the pics. I took them while she was selling her CDs hand over fist:)The ones onstage are probably too dark.

soulthing said...

Thanks Berney! I love this version of Give Me Tonight too! It's awesome with Melanie so clear in the background. Gives the song a whole new funk sound!

Woo - If you ever find pics of Taylor and Toby together I'd love to see them!

Anonymous said...

I had a sudden urge for one of those tropical drinks after hearing Limin. I was wondering if you had Hello Lonely available as i have never heard that song either?


Trixi said...

I would love to see what kind of hip action Taylor would have going on this song. I've never even heard of this song before.

Great find Griz

Anonymous said...

Been one of my favorite songs, since I heard it. Hopefully, we'll hear it in concert sometime!

Anonymous said...

Love this song. Not just the song, but the insane harmonica action at about the 4:30 mark. Unbelievable! I've been known to just fast forward to that part to get my fix, then go back to hear the whole song. teehee

soulthing said...

Sherry - I added Hello Lonely for ya! Enjoy!

skeeter226 said...

Thanks GRIZ!

I could go on and on about how I feel about "Limin"! GAH....especially the HARP~Thank you so much for putting it up here.

Tell me where you see that "Hello Lonely" is a Taylor original? I keep hearing/reading that, but thats news to me! If true, I WANNA KNOW! where, when, how? lol..The only recording that I have of it he says: My friend just recorded this song. Well......ATLEAST thats the way I hear it, but its kinda muffled....DO TELL~


Candy :-)

Trudi said...

I really like Hello Lonely.. another great find!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding Hello Lonely, what a great song! I think it would do well on country radio.


WOO said...

Griz- I know you are concerned for Clive. Also know this is the wrong thread but thought you might like this article midway down--Clive Ambushed...


I was reading about an AI "ringer" contestant and friend of Daughtry's listed above the article...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding Limon. I love it! Especially the harp at the end. I thought I said this already but it must not have gone through.

I love Hello Loney too, lots of good music on this site. I always enjoy coming here.


Anonymous said...

I just found this site last night so I came back today to listen. I have most of the songs except for the WATW ones. Great collection of Tay music I enjoyed every minute. Sure will be glad when the WATW dvd or even a cd of it comes out. I was at the Tempe and Seattle shows but each one is so different. The show in SF must have been outstanding. Ü