Woman's Gotta Have It
Filmed at The Workplay Theater in Birmingham, AL 9-26-09 with Ona Watson.
Song available on Taylor's new album, The Distance.
On sale now! Pick your copy today!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Taylor Hicks - Back on American Idol?

According to the Rick Karle Blog, we might see Taylor on American Idol before the year is out. I'm not sure to be happy about that or not, considering the horrific treatment he's been given over the past 2 years. I guess it's good if we're talking about the huge national exposure it affords its guests. It's also a good vehicle to get back in the consciousness of those fans who wonder what happened to him. On the other hand, it's bad if your in the camp that thinks Taylor needs to cut all ties with the show in order to gain the respect of his musical peers and discerning music fans. Being a #1 class act, if invited, Taylor would appear for the benefit of his fans and those who voted for him - not necessarily because he needs them, which he doesn't. He is doing just fine and dandy without them.

If in fact he DOES appear, I hope he kicks Randy in the balls and knocks Simon's eyeballs out with some kickass performance and song! I hope he gets his '07 tour band up there with him and backup singer Melanie on the stage (remember she tried out and made it to the Top 50 on this years American Idol?). That would be interesting, eh? Stay tuned for updates!

Here is what the blog says, in part:

RickKarle's Blog
by RickKarle from WBRC, FOX6

Personal Reflectons On Talladega Race Day
Apr 28, 2008 5:04 PM
Category: Sports

A good Monday to you! After spending about 16 hours at the Talladega Superspeedway to watch the Aaron's 499, my mind is racing like a Cup car without a restrictor plate. Some insight and a few thoughts from a guy who was in the trenches:

Two words were music to my ears: No rain! We dodged the preverbal bullet, although about an hour after Kyle Busch took the checkerd flag, the skies opened and pelted our Fox6 crew with all sorts of water. With 5 edit machines, live trucks, cameras, microphones and valuable equipment, our folks did a great job keeping everything dry and working. By the time our 9:30 pm post-race show hit air, I thought we did a nice job pulling it off... Fox race analyst Krista Voda joined us for our earlier post-race show. Krista hails from the great state of Iowa. Ever wonder where these network pit reporters come from? Bet you never thought of Iowa... Dale Earnhardt, Jr told us after the race that while he finished 10th, he thought he had a strong car that deserved better. Junior hinted that he had the strongest car in the field, and he sees no reason why the 88-car can't finish in the top 10 each and every race... Following his crash with 15 laps remaining, Tony Stewart met the media, where he was calm, collected and courteous to reporters. What's with that?... Jeff Gordon told Mike Dubberly following the race, "I have no comment on what I think of this kind of racing". This from a guy who owns 6 Cup wins at 'Dega and won both races last year... I know that Junior likes to bump draft, but did you see him go after Paul Menard? Junior bump-drafted him around the entire Superspeedway!... Good to see a tanned and relaxed Taylor Hicks before the race. Taylor tells me he is heading west for an "American Idol" commitment, afterwhich he will return to the Birmingham area to play a pro-am at the Regions Charity Classic...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

American Idol is Rigged - Thank You Paula!

What a strange night for American Idol, huh?? I had a BIG smile on my face watching Paula destroy the show single handedly! Bwawwaawawawa! Either she was shit face and stoned out of her mind or she's an oracle who can see the future before it happens. What was the deal on her commenting (er, reading note cards) on Jason Castro's second song before the fuck he ever sang it? At least let him sing before you castrate the poor boy. Yes, he sucked huge balls tonight, but man, I couldn't help but LOVE the way the show is crumbling before my own eyes. The wheels on the karma bus go round and round :) First Clive get's kicked in the groin, now Paula has Nigel pissing in his morning coffee! Again, I suspect Taylor Hicks is celebrating somewhere! Life is goooood!

Check this out:

Also let me take this opportunity to put up a video of my all time favorite group - Da Monkees (where is Micky Dolenz when you need him?) showing us how exactly how to sing their #1 hit of 1967 (and their biggest song evah - I'm A Believer) - and Brooke I'm talking to YOU! I can't help but think how a certain Season 5 Idol Winner would have knocked this song out of the stratosphere if he was on the stage tonight (where is Taylor Hicks when you need him?).

This is Brooke destroying this classic:

Monday, April 28, 2008

Taylor Hicks Will Attend the Kentucky Derby Grand Gala!

Some leftover media from yesterday's Talladega gig! Check out these beauties!!!! Is this man handsome or WHAT!?? (Thanks AmyH for posting these)

Credit: The Anniston Star Photo Staff
Caption: American Idol Taylor Hicks before the Aaron's 499 race at Talladega Superspeedway on Sunday

Credit: The Anniston Star Photo Staff
Caption: American Idol Taylor Hicks signs autographs for race fans during the Aaron's 499 race at Talladega Superspeedway on Sunday

In other news it looks like Taylor is really hob-nobbing with the celebrity elite these days. He's been invited and will attend the Grand Gala prior to the start of this year's premier horse race - The Kentucky Derby! Check this out -

National Basketball Association All-Star Dwyane Wade, Star Jones and "American Idol" winner Taylor Hicks will attend the seventh annual Grand Gala on the evening of the Kentucky Derby at the Galt House Hotel & Suites.

NBA legends Michael Jordan and Julius "Dr. J" Erving return to Louisville for the affair, which begins with a red-carpet walk at 9 p.m.

Comedian Chris Tucker will emcee the event. Earth, Wind & Fire will keep guests groovin' at the soiree.

"What can you say? I mean, Earth, Wind & Fire!" said Grand Gala organizer Rohena Miller of the headlining musical act.

More info and a complete list of attendees at the Courier-Journal.

Taylor Hicks - "A Taylor-Made Career"

Here is a small blurb from the Inside Racing News Website:

Taylor Hicks, winner of the fifth season American Idol competition and Jeff Green look alike, was on hand at Talladega Superspeedway to perform the National Anthem prior to the Sunday, April 27th NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Aaron's 499 race. Early fall "Soul Patrol" fans can expect 'Whomp At The Warfield' a DVD of Taylor's concert at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco, CA. Currently he is working in Nashville, TN on a new album due out later this year. Hicks recently participated in the Asian American Idle and has an huge "Soul Patrol" following in the Philippines. Taylor made - is exactly what his career will be, he currently does not have a record label contract, but stated he could see himself with 20 different labels during his career. Fans could tell Hicks was not a follower, but he is warm and a pleasure to speak with.

April 28, 2008
By Connie Felix

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Taylor Hicks: 'Platinum Recording Artist' Sings the National Anthem at Talladega - Watch It Here!

Beautifully done, Taylor!

Credit HarpandSoul for these beautiful video captures!

Taylor Hicks - "I'd like to drop Simon Cowell into the infield of Talladega and see what happens"

Okay racing fans!! Taylor Hicks will sing the National Anthem prior to the Aaron’s 499 Sprint Cup Series race at Talladega Superspeedway. Check back later for video and (hopefully) some thud-worthy pictures!

In the meantime, here's a little blurb from the Orlando Sentinel - awesome!

Nothing too eventful at the drivers meeting, but we did meet the celebrities attending the race. Connie Chunt, Tommy Tuberville, Taylor Hicks and Maury Povich.

Hicks will be singing the national anthem before today's race, his second Talladega gig. About seven years ago he played a gig on top of a motorhome in the infield.

"I'd like to drop Simon Cowell into the infield of Talladega and see what happens," Hicks said.

He was asked if he like Auburn or Alabama and replied, "I'm not going to answer that at Talladega. I'd end up like Simon Cowell."

Heck, I'd pay $100 to see that too :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Taylor Hicks - Dancing With The Devil: American Idol

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine shortly after his win on American Idol in May of 2006, Taylor sat down with one of their writers and opened up about his feelings concerning his participation on the show. He describes it in no uncertain terms as "dancing with the devil".

Spin ahead two years to today, knowing how it all turned out in regards to the show's treatment of him (relentlessly and spitefully trying to sabotage his career for a reason still unknown to the outside world) and how JRecords totally disregarded his music. His perceptions of the upcoming events is perceptive. His statement about not fitting into any particular music mold is particularly interesting. Note toward the end of the interview he says he wouldn't perform pop music if it was described as what's currently popular (as opposed to something he actually believes in). And thank goodness for that Taylor. I don't think I would be writing this blog on your behalf if that were the case.

The article reads:

His crazy dance movies, big laugh and antic American Idol performances may have earned Taylor Hicks millions of Soul Patrol fans. But just a few days after winning season five, Hicks stepped out of his goofy oddball mode during a visit to Rolling Stone's office. Calmer and clearly exhausted from weeks of competition, the gray-haired twenty-nine-year-old shared some mixed feelings about the show that boosted him to national fame. His Idol stint, he now says, was like "dancing with the devil."

At an US Weekly lunch earlier in the day, Hicks looked back on the endless days of rehearsals and filming B-roll interviews and revealed some behind-the-scenes details: The contestants barely got to meet the celebrity guests (Prince came and went, though Hicks made an effort to track down Stevie Wonder and spend some extra time with him) -- and the judges were distant too. "I would see Simon in the hallway and he'd say, 'Good luck' and give me his Cowell scowl." Taking Cowell's sometimes harsh on-air criticisms could be a challenge: "I just kind of bit my tongue through the whole process. I decided to let viewers decide what they felt about Simon, as opposed to me."

Hicks occasionally rips his own performances, especially his rendition of John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads." "I saw that clip and thought to myself, 'Man you are flat all the way through that song." Though he admits that he sometimes spent Tuesday night after the show at Burger King voting for himself, he also cast a few for his competitors. "I'd vote on the performance as opposed to who I liked as an artist," he says. "I voted for Elliot, for Chris a couple of times, for Katherine. It was funny because we'd be in the apartment or somewhere and I'm like, 'I'm voting for you, you know.' And they're like, 'What?'"

Next, Hicks will join the Idol finalists for a July U.S. tour, and he'll start recording his first major release -- which he hopes will include some of his original songs. (Hicks has already recorded two self-released albums, In Your Time in 1997 and Under the Radar in 2005.) Listen to his interview with contributing editor Jenny Eliscu for more details about his pre-Idol career, his next steps and his favorite Who song.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Mucho thanks to Stephk817 at the Boogie Board for his beautiful poster!

Randy's 6th week CD sales totals: 1,400 (down from 1,500 last week) for a GRAND total of 27,000 in the U.S. per Soundscan.

Just for reference, Taylor's CD, er, Clive's CD, sold 701,000 in the U.S. per Soundscan.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We've Been Good Fans!

So it's been a bit quiet in the Hicks camp since his gig on the Finebaum radio show a few weeks ago. We got an earful of information about cool upcoming goodies, such as the collection of older material which he called "Early Works". He said that would be out in a 'few months'. Oh boy! Then he tickles us with a string of concert dates he's trying to set up for August! Yes!!! Then, he says he has all the songs demo'd for his new CD and would in the studio in the 'next month or so' to record them. He also said he was getting a good response from certain labels and producers he's been 'shopping for' and he's hoping for a September release for the new album. Things are looking up, eh!? And last but not least, he said the DVD will be out "soon" after he clears something or other, I dunno.

Okay, then, I've got a few new questions about all that. Shouldn't there be some news about this new "label" if he's in the studio already recording? There must be a producer by now, eh? It would be great if there was some public revelation about this and get the troops excited, eh? Instead, we have silence. I swear I get up every morning hoping that today is the day big news about this will break and every morning I am mildly disappointed. Ho Hum.

HDTV will be reruning his DVD "Whomp at the Warfield" 3x in the next few weeks, but absolutely nothing from the main camp about a concrete release date. It's been almost a year since they filmed the concert (and an awesome concert it was in San Francisco). I really think it deserves to be released from its cage already. The fans are getting really really really restless and antsy.

We've been good little fans since the end of the 2007 tour, I think. We've been playing nicely (well, most of us, anyway) and keeping ourselves busy while you've been writing with those awesome collaborators and visiting with the muses, but Taylor my man, there's just so much a superfan like myself can occupy herself with while waiting for the big CD reveal! Throw us peons a bone here and make us happy Soul Patrollers!

It's sad when the biggest event coming up is seeing your mug on the American Idol stamps. Not that it's not a cool thing, but man, I need to hear your soulful voice again, dude! Have pity on us ;)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Taylor Hick's Originals - "Limin" & "Hello Lonely"

"Limin", an original song by Taylor Hicks was requested by one of our readers and since it's such an obscure song, I thought I'd give you the only audio I have of it. It has a definitive calypso beat running through it! It's from The Open Door Cafe in Birmingham, AL 2-27-04. (I know I mispelled it on the poll to the right, but I can't change it now so we'll have to live with it). Enjoy!

ETA: We have another request for one of Taylor's obsure originals - "Hello Lonely", which I added below. It was recorded at Smith's Bar in Atlanta, GA in 2005. I love the lyrics to this song and I think it has a lot of possibilities with the right production.


Hello Lonely

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Taylor Hicks - 'Whomp At The Warfield' DVD To Be Shown on HDNET-TV Again

For those who missed it the first time, here's your chance to catch "Whomp At The Warfield" on HDNET-TV again. It will be shown three times in the next couple of weeks, so if you are lucky enough to get this channel, definitely tune in because it's one of the best live shows I've ever seen.

It's described on HDNet's webpage as a "blend of high energy rock, funk, and soul, live from The Warfield in San Francisco, CA."

Hopefully, these new airings is a hint that the DVD will be going on sale soon! After all, it's been almost a year since the actual May 7th show in San Francisco. Come on Taylor, release the beast and let it grace TV screens across America!

Here are the scheduled showings:

Sun., Apr. 27th 1:30 PM ET
Sun., May. 4th 8:00 PM ET
Mon., May. 5th 2:00 AM ET

Friday, April 18, 2008

Taylor Hicks Donates Autographed Harmonica for Alabama Institute for Deaf & Blind

According to RTO Online, American Idol champ Taylor Hicks will sing the National Anthem prior to the Aaron's 499 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race on Sunday. The 31-year-old Hicks captured more than 63 million votes to win the fifth season of American Idol.

The 23rd Annual Race Fever Night, a barbecue dinner and auction fundraiser for Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind, will be held Friday evening, April 25th at the International Motorsports Hall of Fame - adjacent to the track. Hicks, is supporting the event by donating a harmonica he autographed during the 2008 Alabama Music Hall of Fame Induction Banquet and Award Show where he received the 2008 America's Music Award.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

BMG/Sony Dumps $Clive Davis$!!! Oh, How Sweet It Is!

You're gonna love this! Clive Davis, the guy who proclaimed selling 701,000 copies of a CD is not "good enough" to keep on his record label was dumped as CEO of the BMG Music Label. Yes, ye old karmic wheel rolls right along, sticking it to old Clive and a few of his croonies today.

Let's see, what adjectives can I use to get the most effect out of this HUGE story? Hmm! How about axed, dropped, cut, washed up, kicked out the door, kicked in the ass, failure? What goes around comes around and I couldn't be happier! A sweet day in the music industry. Somewhere, Taylor Hicks has his feet up, smiling and drinking a cool Coors. :) Read on....


New York – April 17, 2008 – SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT today announced a series of senior management changes that will further strengthen the operation of the company.

Effective immediately, Barry Weiss will assume the position of Chairman and CEO of the BMG Label Group. Mr. Weiss will report to Rolf Schmidt-Holtz, Chief Executive Officer of SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, and will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Group and its labels, which include RCA Records, Jive, J Records, LaFace, Arista, Volcano, Verity, GospoCentric and Fo Yo Soul.

Effective immediately, Clive Davis will assume the role of Chief Creative Officer — SONY BMG Worldwide. In this role, he will also continue to work together with premier artists for SONY BMG and will report to Rolf Schmidt-Holtz. Mr. Davis has been a monumental figure in the music industry for generations. He has shaped the careers of legendary artists such as Janis Joplin, Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston and Carlos Santana, among others, and has become a music legend in his own right.

Mr. Weiss previously served as President and CEO of the Zomba Label Group, where he signed and/or developed some of the world’s most popular artists including Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, R. Kelly, Backstreet Boys, Chris Brown, T-Pain and Three Days Grace. He has built a reputation as an exceptional leader who skillfully combines creative sensitivity with business tenacity. Mr. Weiss will continue to oversee Zomba as part of the BMG Label Group in his new role.

Richard Sanders, currently President of Global Marketing, will now become Head of International, responsible for operations and regional offices worldwide. He will continue to oversee Global Marketing.

Tim Bowen will leave the company. As SONY BMG’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Bowen successfully worked across labels and regions to unify SONY BMG and expand its presence in markets around the world.

Charles Goldstuck will leave the company to pursue other business interests. Mr. Goldstuck helped to build BMG into one of the most successful music label groups in the industry during his tenure as President and COO. His many contributions over the years have greatly benefited the BMG Label Group.

SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT thanks Mr. Bowen and Mr. Goldstuck for their dedicated service to the company.


SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT is a global recorded music joint venture with a roster of current artists that includes a broad array of both local artists and international superstars, as well as a vast catalog that comprises some of the most important recordings in history. SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT is 50% owned by Bertelsmann A.G. and 50% owned by Sony Corporation of America.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Here's a letter by Jenni Jac, who voice clearly echos many viewers feelings about American Idol (what's left of them) who's votes apparently mean nothing - that's according to the show's producers, judges, and associates. Be careful, big shots, karma works in mysterious ways and soon, very soon, the show, and all those associated with it, will go the way of 'My Mother The Car', filed under 'Irrelevant TV Shows'....

"Dear producers of American Idol, Idol Judges, and Idol Associates,

Lately our heart has grown heavy and filled with remorse. We realize now that we have carelessly thrust a mountain of angst upon you. We, the American voting public have caused a wound that seems to have festered even more over the passage of time, and for that we are deeply sorry. As valiantly as you may try to tuck it away, the inner torment seems to be eating away at you. It seems you can no longer hold it in, as you repeatedly cry out: "The Idol voters made a mistake!! Why did they ever vote Taylor Hicks the American idol, why? why?!!!" Oh my God, what have we done?

After hearing your repeated and united cries of injustice, it is finally beginning to sink in. What were we thinking? We allowed a man with a unique voice, charisma, and stage presence to steal the crown away from other contestants with more marketable genres. I mean, Ray Charles, Otis Redding and Sam Cooke are so-o-o 1960s. That crap will never make it onto top 40 radio in the 21st century. To make things even worse, that ungrateful bastard Hicks decides to shun your generous management offer, cutting you out of a big chunk of revenue. I mean really, what is so wrong with a 40% management fee, or even more? You made him, right? We totally understand why you can barely bring yourself to show his picture or mention his name on the show anymore, what with all the financial and emotional damage he has caused.

So yes, we are deeply sorry and ready to atone. With our experience and hindsight, we can tell you how to avoid a travesty such as this in the future:

1. Screen your prospects carefully. Avoid throwback styles altogether. Their musical knowledge should be limited. If they know more about music than Simon Cowell, it will reflect badly on the show. "Empty Vessel" is the operative term here.

2. Avoid picking contestants that use terms such as "vision", "dues", or especially "songwriting". Believe me, they will cause you nothing but heartache in the future.

3. Once you have your contestants chosen, outfit them all with burkas, so they will be completely covered from head to toe. Next, strap them to a chair. This will eliminate any possibility of voters being swayed by attractiveness/unattractiveness, fashion sense, dance moves, smiles, smirks, facial tics or gestures that could either endear or alienate them to the voters. Just to be safe, put them in their burkas behind a screen and show them in silhouette. You really can't be too careful.

4. Pick one song each week and make every contestant sing it. Ignore their pleas for different arrangements. There is good reason for this. If their own song choice or arrangement goes over well, it will only embolden them to demand more artistic creativity when it comes time to cut that record. That can be such a pain.

5. After each performance, instruct Ryan to ask questions that can be easily answered with either "yes", "no", or "maybe". Place these words in a board and give the contestant a laser pointer to pick the appropriate response. This will bypass the personality factor altogether which is not required for a top 40 hit, so don't be tempted. The "No Speak" tactic will also thwart attempts to mobilize or define any fanbase. That just gets messy.

6. Do not allow them to hold up fingers reminding the voters what number they need to vote for. No reason for this other than it continues to annoy us. You could consider allowing them to stomp their number out on the floor like one of those math horses, but that option is strictly up to you.

7. IMPORTANT: You will need to put a crawler at the bottom of the screen to continuously remind voters that they are voting for contestants who will sell the most records, instead of the ones you actually want to see perform again next week.

Well, I hope we have been helpful. Sorry again about the Taylor thing, I'm sure it won't happen again."

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Taylor Hicks to sing National Anthem at Nascar Sprint Cup Series Race

Make Sure You Tune In To Taylor At Talladega!

On Sunday, April 27th, Taylor Hicks will take the microphone at Talladega Superspeedway to sing the national anthem before the NASCAR Aaron's 499 Sprint Cup Series race.

Taylor is no stranger to singing to big crowds, but 175,000 fans at the race and millions more watching at home makes for a special occasion for any singer! Tune in to Fox Network at 1:30 pm ET (12:30 pm CT) to catch Taylor honor our nation at one of the biggest sporting events of the year.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Taylor Hicks @ Ashville, NC "X-Mas Jam" - Purchase Now!

If you remember back a few years, Taylor Hicks was invited to participate in the 18th Annual Christmas Jam in Ashville, NC in 2006. He sat in with the boys on a couple of songs ('Sugaree' and 'We Shall Be Released') and blew them all away! Well, it is now available as a download (only) at the Music Today website. Price is $14.95 for an MP3 or $16.95 for FLAC. Printable CD Artwork is also available at the same website. The write up and setlist is listed below. Credibility where it counts, fellow Taylor Hicks fans! Don't ever forget that!

Gov’t Mule
X-Mas Jam and Pre-Jam
Asheville Civic Center
Asheville, NC
12.15.06 and 12.16.06

Christmas came early and lasted 2 days for the city of Asheville and those in attendance at The 18th Annual Christmas Jam. Having come from 42 states and as far away as the Czech Republic, the ticket holders to this year's event were about to be overwhelmed with a torrent of talent and list of legends.

The weekend began Friday night at The Orange Peel for the Pre-Jam. Devil Likes It Slow with Branford Marsalis was truly a musical treat to behold. Dave Schools and Randall Bramlett took their turn to the delight of all for Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys and stayed on to welcome Marty Stuart, Taj Mahal, Branford Marsalis, George Porter, Mickey Raphael and a host of others as they closed with Dylan's I Shall Be Released.

Saturday morning saw the Mule crew putting together the final touches for what would be an epic evening of music. As Dave Matthews’ set wrapped up, he and Warren started into Cortez The Killer and as the intensity rose, Matt, Andy and Danny assumed their positions and a full tilt, hard rockin' Cortez made itself known as it roared throughout the arena. Branford Marsalis came to lay his gift at the tree next to Dave Matthews' for a stunning All Along The Watchtower. "Legend" underestimates the talent of Taj Mahal who came to the stage with his Leaving Trunk; a bluesy song that was a first timer for the Mule. Sco-Mule featured the musical stylings of Brendan Bayliss and Dave Schools who remained for Mule with Randall Bramlett.

Sugaree came first as the encore and the band was joined by Marty Stuart, Brendan Bayliss and Taylor Hicks on the harmonica and vocals. For the send off to Christmas Jam 2006, I Shall Be Released was performed with Kevn Kinney, Marty Stuart, Tal Mahal, Randall Bramlett, Ivan Neville and many more. With so many gifts in one weekend, it's almost like having Christmas in December.

Disc 1:
1. Cortez The Killer w/ Dave Matthews
2. All Along The Watchtower w/ Dave Matthews & Branford Marsalis
3. Reggae Soulshine w/ Branford Marsalis
4. Brand New Angel
5. Unring The Bell
6. Leaving Trunk w/ Taj Mahal & Branford Marsalis

Disc 2:
1. Sco-Mule w/ Dave Schools, Brendan Bayliss & Randall Bramlett
2. Mule w/ Dave Schools & Randall Bramlett
3. Sugaree w/ Brendon Bayliss, Marty Stuart & Taylor Hicks
4. I Shall Be Released w/ Marty Stuart, Kevn Kinney, Taylor Hicks, Mike Barnes, Ivan Neville, Brendon Bayliss, Mickey Raphael & Robert Kearns

5. Time To Confess **
6. Three String George **
7. Child Of The Earth **

Disc 3:
1. Devil Likes It Slow with Branford Marsalis **
2. Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys with Dave Schools on Bass and Randall Bramlett on Sax **
3. I Shall Be Released w/ Henry Butler & Ivan Neville on Keys, Mike Barnes & Kenny Vaughn on guitar, Robert Kearns on Bass, Randall Bramlett on Saxophone & Mickey Raphael on Harmonica **

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Taylor Hicks Jams with George Porter at Zydeco's

Taylor always seems to find the time to jam with good friends, no matter where he is or what he's up too. This time, he was caught playing with legendary musician George Porter Jr. and his band, PBS (Russell Batiste and Brian Stoltz) at Zydeco's in Birmingham last Friday night, April 11. Dig the longer, groovier sideburns! Brings me right back to 1970! And man, doesn't it look like he's having a great time! Thanks to "cashbham" for posting these videos on YouTube! Enjoy!

Love The One You're With (Stephen Stills) Part 1

Love The One You're With (Stephen Stills) Part 2

Jam, Part 1

Jam, Part 2

Jam, Part 3

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Taylor Hicks on a US Postage Stamp!

"American Idol" will have its own limited-edition collectable stamps featuring Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, TAYLOR HICKS, Jordin Sparks and the soon-to-be named winner of season seven.

On last night's "Idol Gives Back," host RYAN SEACREST announced that "American Idol" winners will be featured on postage stamps with the net proceeds from the sales of the stamps, created by created by PhotoStamps.com, donated to "Idol Gives Back."

Only 104,000 -- 2000 sheets for each of the 50 states in the U.S. -- will be issued weekly. This week, the stamp featuring Kelly Clarkson is available at americanidol.com or PhotoStamps.com.

Then each Tuesday for the next six weeks, a different "American Idol" will be featured. The stamps are real, first-class postage (42 cents) -- and each sheet of 20 stamps will sell for $19.99.

Okay call me skeptical until I actually SEE Taylor's handsome mug on a US Stamp, but the thought of that makes me giddy! On the other hand, I'm thinking the American Idol pigs would do something underhanded like putting a decapitated picture of him on the stamp like they did on the show's opening credits this year. Nah.... Hmm. I wouldn't put anything past those American Idol slimebags.

Funny they will diss Taylor until they are blue in the face, that's until they need his picture for something. Right, Nigel - it's all for altruistic purposes. Uh huh.

And oh yea, before I forget, you want to know the ratings for this years Idol Gives Back special? It was the LOWEST rating for an "Idol" telecast since the 2005 "American Idol's Worst Auditions" special - 17.6 million viewers and a 6.7 rating and 18 share. That's down from 26 million last season. And pledges were 60 million down from 76 million last season. Yes, that omnipresent karma wheel marches on. :) Yes indeed!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Taylor Hicks - Celebrity Guest At 2008 Kentucky Derby

Boy, ya never know where Mr. Hicks is going to show up next! If he's not at a basketball game, a golf tournament, a Nascar race, a baseball game, a football game, or fishing for bass, you might find him at a horse race! According to a blog entry on Taylor's myspace, he will be a celebrity guest at the 134th Kentucky Derby on May 3, 2008. Taylor is going to place a bet of $5000 on the horse that the Soul Patrol decides has the best chance of winning. The winnings will then go to the wonderful charity, Studio by the Tracks. Since it is a horse race, if for some reason the horse the Soul Patrol picks does not win, Taylor will still make a $5000 donation to Studio by the Tracks. So everyone do your homework and let us know by going to the blog on his myspace page with the same name and posting which horse will win the most money for Autism.

Here are all the entry's for the race!

This event is a hot bed for A-List Celebrities! Go Taylor! Those in attendance in 2007 were:

2007 Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Michael Jordan, Emily Robinson, Star Jones, Joey Fatone, Kid Rock, Fantasia Barrino, Greg Grunberg, Melissa Joan Hart, Chris Redman, Gene Simmons, Jenny McCarthy, Gabrielle Union, Nick Lachey, Vanessa Minnillo, Larry Birkhead, Prince Borghese, Joely Fisher, Kevin Garnett, Greg Grunberg, Bob Guiney, Rebecca Budig Guiney, Grant Hill, Kamilah Hill, Rocket Ismail, Bonnie-Jill Laflin, Warren Moon, Shandi Finnesy, Kasey Thompson, Jennifer Tilly, Phil Laak, Robert Williamson, Cate Wakem, Antonio Esfaniari, Russ Hamilton, Bonnie Somerville, Kevin Sorbo, Nora Roberts, Billie Warlock, Julie Pinson, Bruce Wilder, Dave Chapelle, Keith Davis, Rockman Dunbar, Warrick Dunn, Julius Erving, Kevin Garnett, G. Garvin, Jimmy Jam, Richard T. Jones, Star Jones, Byron Leftwich, Kevin Liles, LL Cool J, Regina King, Mos Def, Charles Oakley, John Salley, Wesley Snipes, Michael Strahan, Chris Tucker, Lyn Whitfield, Dierks Bentley, Tom Brady, Taylor Dayne, Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Federline, Bobby Flay, Stacey Keibler, Geoff Stults, Uncle Kracker, Jewel Jason Lewis, Archie Manning, Eli Manning, Bode Miller, Peyton Manning, Michael McDonald, Apolo Ohno, Bill O'Reilly, Carson Palmer, Terry Pendry, Cybil Shepherd, Travis Tritt, Shannon Tweed, Raquel Welch, Mary Wilson, Jeff Saturday, Ryan Diem, Ryan Lilja, Jake Scott, Bryan Fletcher, Dallas Clark, Rocky Boiman, Jim Sorgi, Brandon Stokley, Tedy Bruschi, Larry Izzo, Will McDonough, Mike Vrabel, Dan Koppen, Lonnie Paxton, Matt Cassell, Matt Anthony

Taylor Hicks - One of Idol's Biggest Transformations

One of Idol's biggest transformations? So says this blog. I dunno, I think was adorably cute before and drop dead gorgeous now. I say win-win on both counts, eh? Sigh... I just like to stare at him. How about you? (Click on image for a larger view!) Ya baby!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Taylor Hicks To Star in Tribute to The Beatles 'Sgt. Pepper'!!

It Was 40 Years Ago Today
A Tribute to the greatest album in Rock & Roll History
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Taylor Hicks, Todd Rundgren, Denny Laine plus more!
Performing their hits, plus the album in its entirety.

Yes, Taylor Hick's Fans!!! Your eyes haven't deceived you! This summer, you can lay them on Taylor singing songs from the greatest album in the history of pop music - The Beatles classic Sgt. Pepper 's Lonely Hearts Club Band! Take *that* Nigel!

The beautiful Filene Center at Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA will play host to the show, which will also include Todd Rundgren ("Hello, It's Me") and former member of the Moody Blues and Paul McCartney's Wings, Denny Laine, among others.

The center is an outdoor performing arts amphitheater with in-house (covered, fixed) and lawn (uncovered, grass) seating.

Seating Capacity:
7,028 total: 3,868 in-house; 3,160 lawn

Dates and Ticket Information:
Saturday, August 23 at 8 pm at the Filene Center
Ticket Price: $40 in-house, $25 lawn
Tickets are on sale NOW!

Seating charts, directions and other information can be found at the Wolf Trap Website.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Taylor Hick's Do I Make You Proud Inspires Many

Since Taylor is luckily out of American Idol's gravity pull these days, he doesn't sing his coronation song, "Do I Make You Proud" anymore. I think it's a statement to TPTB that he's finished with them on every level.

Regardless, I love it and I'm not surprised the song is still being used today at graduations, to mark special achievements and to spread inspiration around around the globe. It truly is heartwarming to know that it has become a classic, a classic that will be sung for years to come. Here are just a few of the videos I found that used the song (as you can see, it's very difficult to sing).

And FYI, the song went straight to #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart, Pop Chart and Singles Chart when it was released in June 2006.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Alabama Hall of Fame To Be Televised on APT - Taylor Hicks Honored

Alabama Public Television (APT) announced that it will broadcast The Alabama Music Hall of Fame 2008 Induction and Awards Ceremony statewide on Monday, April 14 from 7 until 10 p.m. The program, which features the induction ceremonies and 16 performances by music greats, repeats on Saturday, April 19, Sunday, April 20, and Thursday, April 24.

Hosted by Randy Owens, the festivities feature induction of five Alabama music achievers (including Grand Ole Opry star Ernie Ashworth, Rock & Roll pioneer Boyd Bennett, Jazz bassist Cleveland Eaton, songwriter and performer Donnie Fritts and Styx guitarist and songwriter Tommy Shaw) and presentation of six Contemporary Music Awards (to Chris Tompkins [songwriter award], John Briggs [music industry award], Larry Byrom [music industry award], Angela Hacker and Taylor Hicks [America’s Music Award] and Rick Shayne [media award]). Awards to Bennett and Shayne were made posthumously to their widows.

The ceremony was recorded live Feb. 22 at the Montgomery Convention Center at the Hall of Fame’s black-tie gala and features performances by Kris Kristofferson (in honor of his friend, Donny Fritts) and some of Alabama’s most notable performers. The broadcast’s featured performances include:

Kris Kristofferson: “Me and Bobby McGee”
Percy Sledge: (1993 Inductee) “When a Man Loves a Woman”
Tommy Shaw: “Crystal Ball”
Clarence Carter: (2003 Inductee) “Patches”
Eddie Floyd: (2001 Inductee) “Knock on Wood”
The Commodores: (1995 Inductee) “Brick House”
Randy Owen: (1993 Inductee) “Braid My Hair”
The Thrasher Brothers: (2005 Inductee) “Still The One”
Taylor Hicks: “Soul Thing”
Angela Hacker: “These Walls”
Ernie Ashworth: “Talk Back Trembling Lips”
Cleveland Eaton: “I’m Just A Lucky So and So” (instrumental)

And according to the Enterprise Ledger, a two-DVD set featuring all of the music performed during the evening-30 performances in all-is available from APT for a pledge of $90. (http://www.aptv.org)

Source and Source

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Taylor Hicks And His Plans For 2008!

Taylor gave his fans a pleasant surprise today when he made an unexpected appearance as the 'mystery sidekick' on the Paul Finebaum Show in Birmingham, AL. Paul was out with emergency surgery so Taylor helped fill in for him by answering questions from viewers for about 90 minutes. He was in great spirits and looked great! He talked on a variety of subjects - everything from his golf game to the new CD to his allergies.

Here's my summary of the show:

- Will be playing on a cruise to Italy in late May and possibly be doing some small festivals while there.
- His golf game is improving - now at about a 10 or 11 handicap.
- His NBA Allstar Appearance - he thought it would just a lighthearted event playing with the scorekeepers; instead he had Deon Sanders yelling at the top of his lungs. :)
- He has been able to watch Idol more this year and likes "the Irish girl", Carly.
- He might make an appearance at the Soul Patrol Convention in May but no committment.
- The DVD is a done deal and will be out soon (no specific date given).
- Tour in August (not sure with whom yet).
- Would consider doing a Gospel album at one point in the future (like Elvis), but would need to get more educated in that type of genre.
- New album will be out in September. The direction of the CD has taken a 360 degree turn from the character he thought it would take when he started. He did make it sound like the songs are all written. They (the songs) will dictate how much 'production' is on each song (in answer to whether the album will be acoustic or not). He's not sure yet whether it will be released on an indie or major label but there is definitely interest out there for his 'brand'. As far as a producer, he's going to team up with somebody who he feels will give him a great opportuity to be able to have control over the creative side, but he can't say just yet who it is. He was vague about who the producer will be (him or someone else).
- Biggest difference between making the Clive record and this new one is the time he has to just "write".
- He has an I-Touch with all of his new demos on it that he listens to to get familiar with all the nuances of it, so when it comes time to record he'll be ready to go.
- In addition to this new album, he will have another album out called "Early Works" of all his older songs. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???? GAH!!! These songs will be put together in a brand new CD package. No word on whether any unreleased tracks will make it onto the CD. This should be out in the next few months.
- A caller said Ace Young said hello to him and that he 'thinks the world of Taylor'.
- Taylor has talked to Elliott Yamin in the past 2 days about Elliott's mom's passing and that he's doing okay. Elliott has a good support and family around him and he'll pull through fine.

Here is the interview:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Taylor Hicks - Odds and Ends From The Clive Album

As I'm doing my daily detective work looking for bits and pieces on Taylor's new album, I ran into a few tidbits from the first album, err, third album, that I didn't know. In case you haven't seen them yet either, here ya go!

"...Brandon Jane
Born in Mississippi, this young singer/songwriter grew up on the road playing gospel music with her family. Performing hundreds of dates from the age of 12 until she was 17, Brandon Jane is no stranger to the stage. At the age of 17 she moved to Nashville and landed a publishing deal, and for the next few years became a regular on the Music City music scene, playing every Venue in town from The Bluebird to Douglas Corner.

Combining the organic elements of Fleetwood Mac, Linda Ronstadt and Sheryl Crow her music is a sound familiar but of it's own. In, 2004 she hooked up with NYC songwriter/producer Kevin Kadish (Jason Mraz, Stacie Orrico, Willie Nelson, etc.) and decided to venture out on her own. Leaving everything she had ever known, Brandon Jane, picked up and moved to New York City and for the next two years beat the pavement writing and recording.

In 2006, when opportunity knocked again, with the chance to move back to Nashville she jumped at it. With a promising future, she has already penned a song on the already platinum American Idol, "Taylor Hicks" debut album and is performing a song in the upcoming movie "Gray Matters", starring Heather Graham and Molly Shannon...." That song was "Give Me Tonight".

"....Saxophonist Mark Hollinsworth of Los Angeles, CA, is heard on the new album by American Idol winner Taylor Hicks, and is featured on the song "The Deal." Hollingsworth is also working on his own solo album...."